The harmonic vocal unit “Hiliu”, means the sound or call of the wind instrument, the Hawaiian conch shell. The Huliu has been used to fanfare our performances since 2016. Our debut album, released in December 2019,

2016年からライブ活動をスタートし、2019年12月にデビューCDアルバムBe Still My Heartをリリース。ハワイのラジオ局で大人気のハーモニックボーカルユニット

Yuri Ito : Vocal, Ukulele (4-string, 6-string), Piano
Born and raised in Shibukawa, Gunma prefecture where mountain side of Japan. Yuri was a girl who loves music and loves singing since she was a child, learns piano from the age of 5 and brass instruments from the age of 6. Around that time, she participated in a singing contest every month and got a prize every time, becoming famous as a diva locally. While a university student, in a meantime, enrolled music school, studied Western music and pop music, and started live activities. After graduating from university, continued to learning Jazz, Gospel and Hawaiian music.

いとうゆり: ボーカル、ウクレレ、ピアノ


Hiro Sekine: Vocal, Guitar, Ukulele (4-string, 8-string), Ipu Heke, ‘Ohe Hano ihu, Kani Ka Pū
Ph.D. and qualified as a physical therapist. In 1999, Hiro move to Hawaiʻi island and worked as a medical instructor for the “Hawaiian Islands School of Massage” in Kealakekua.  Hiro loves singing since he was a child, learns violin from the age of 6, played guitar from secondary school. Now Hiro has his own Hula School called  “Hālau Kalāokumukahi” in Japan.

学術博士。クムフラ。イプメイカー。1999年にハワイ島ケアラケクアの学校法人Hawaiian Islands School of Massage の講師として赴任。幼い頃から音楽に親しみ、6歳からバイオリン、中学校でギターを始める。フラは、Kumu Hula Charles Ka‘upuに、2011年7月の逝去の時まで師事。現在、自らのフラハーラウ “Kalaokumukahi“を主宰。イプヘケ製作者(Ipu Heke)としても有名で、ハワイの多くのKumu Hulaが愛用するイプヘケを製作、ハワイのフラ大会の賞品としても採用されている

Special Thanks: 
Kamaka Ukulele, Hawaii