Liliʻuokalani Project

Recordings of previously unheard 100 year-old Hawaiian Kingdom court music.


“An album created to celebrate songs that were composed by Queen Liliʻuokalani, the last queen of the Hawaiian Kingdom, keeping 100 year-old court music alive. “


Queen Liliʻuokalani was the last queen of the Hawaiian Kingdom and composed many beloved songs in her time. This project aims to pay homage to her 100 year-old songs, so as to perpetuate her musical talents as assets in the education field for our future generations. Some of her original songs are not available as analog recordings, only as musical scores.

Our aim is to digitally conserve Queen Liliʻuokalani’s songs (by creating CDs), with Hiliu’s unique and welcoming arrangements to make the originals more contemporary and accessible for listeners of all ages. The songs in this album will consist of songs composed by or dedicated to Queen Liliʻuokalani. We hope this album will make listeners feel closer to Queen Liliʻuokalani, our respected last sovereign monarch, while taking them on a magical journey and understanding of Hawaiian history.

Queen Liliʻuokalani ascended to the throne on January 29, 1891 after the death of her brother, King David Kalākaua. As pro-American elements in Hawaii overthrew the monarchy system and the Hawaiian kingdom on January 17, 1893, she was forced to live her later life as a private citizen, while Hawaii became the part of the United States. She passed away at the age of 79, leaving 165 songs for her people.
In this project, we will select familiar tunes from her compositions utilising hints of contemporary arrangements to these already beautiful pieces of art.


リリウオカラニ女王は、ハワイ王国最後の女王です。前国王であり兄の デイビット・カラーカウア王の逝去にともない、1891年1月29日、ハワイ王国の女王に即位しました。しかし、リリウオカラニ女王とハワイ王国は1893年1月17日にアメリカ軍の支援を受けたハワイ暫定政府によって転覆され、リリウオカラニは王位を退き、その後ハワイはアメリカ合衆国に併合されました。リリウオカラニは79歳で生涯を閉じるまで、165曲を残しましたが、 このアルバムでは、耳なじみのある曲を中心に構成し、現代的なアレンジを加えます。