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    We are very honored to be invited to new @RecordingAcademy member class of 2021, I’m honored to have an opportunity to celebrate, represent, and give back to the music and its creators.

  • Concerts Tour 2021


    We would like to happy to share this information, Hiliu start concerts until the end of 2021, supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan Government.
    Also, We will share Live Movie later. Please contact hiliumusic@gmail.com for more information.


  • Concert in Tokyo

    One Night Special Concert ”We Are In Love”
    2021/4/22 @ Lutheran church Ichigaya music hall (Tokyo, Japan)

    This song “Be Still My Heart” was composed by Queen Lili’uokalani

    Be still my heart e kapalili nei,   He aha ho‘i nei hana āu?
    A he hana  nui kāu     Nowelo i ka manawa.
    Ua ‘ike paha i ka pua Nani ‘a‘ala o ia dale,
    O ka uka ‘iu o Luakaha, He uka ona ‘ia e nā manu.

    “Na wai nō lā ho‘i ka ‘ole?”   Beat iho ai kēia pliant heart.
    “ ‘A‘ohe mea e nele ai     ‘O ka makemake a loko.”
    A he nani ‘oko‘a nō ‘o luna,    Puapua lua i ka nahele,
    Onaona hiehie lua ‘ole.     ‘O ka ‘oi ‘oe o Lanihuli.

    Ke ano wale mai nei nō    Ka hali‘a me ke aloha
    Iā ‘oe e Sunset Beam,     Dew o ka twilight hour.
    ‘A‘ohe na‘e ho‘i e hihi,    Ua kauleo ‘ia mai au,
    Ua kapu kēia nui kino.    Ho‘omalu ana ka leo.

    Be still my beating heart, What is this that you do?
    You have a great task In searching through our conscience.
    You must have seen that flower
    So beautiful and fragrant of that dale
    From the lofty uplands of Luakaha,
    Heights alluring to many birds.

    “Is it really possible for one to resist?”
    Beats the voice of my pliant heart,
    “This one has absolutely everything
    That any heart could ever desire.”
    But above was seen a different beauty
    Blooming grandly among the trees,
    A most dignified and charming sweetness.
    You are the finest example from Lanihuli.

    Now grow calm and quiet My thoughts and love
    For you, O Sunset Beam, Dew of the twilight hour.
    But oh, never mind, it can’t be taken into consideration,
    For I’ve already received my request.
    This entire person is reserved.
    Be still, implores my voice.

    Be Still My Heart
    “Be Still My Heart” is one of several songs by Lili’uokalani reflecting the delight that Hawaiian composers of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries took in displaying their knowledge of English by including English words or phrases in their songs.
    Sometimes it was a humorous gesture, but that does not seem to apply here, where the English serves Lili’uokalani as simply another vehicle by which to approach her favorite theme.
    The two place names mentioned in the text are on O’ahu, in the Nu’uanu area.
    Luakaha was the site and name of the country home of Kamehameha III, and Lanihuli is a Nu’uanu Pali peak.
    The song is from “He Buke Mele Hawaii.”